HD Camera Powers Robotic Lawn Mower Vision

Jan. 27, 2023
Worx’s newest Landroid is equipped with a camera that can avoid objects while it works.

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The Consumer Electronics Show is about the latest consumer-oriented electronics, and this includes the latest Landroid robot lawn mowers from Worx. A high-definition camera lets the robot avoid obstacles, while mapping support enables it to operate within virtual confines without placing markers or electronic fencing around the perimeter. These robot minions can keep a lawn trimmed automatically, returning to their charging stations as needed. 

The mower uses a floating cutting disk and brushless motors. Of course, it's all electric, using an easily removable battery pack. It also has headlights for operating at night and can detect when it's raining, returning to its dock until it stops. Among the advantages of the image-based sensing system is the ability to navigate in tight spaces. Wireless connectivity includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support. Remote control and management is provided by a smartphone application.