Dave Promo

Veteran Editor Joins Microwaves & RF

Jan. 28, 2020
David Maliniak, former technology editor with Electronic Design, joins Microwaves & RF as the new editor.

Chris DeMartino directed Microwaves & RF for many years and he left some big shoes to fill. Well, I am happy to say that we have found someone to step in as Editor of Microwaves & RF and he may be familiar to many of you who also read our sister publication, Electronic Design.

I would like to welcome David Maliniak (see figure) back to our group as editor of Microwaves & RF. David will be helming the editorial page of the print edition and writing articles for the magazine and website. He will be managing contributed articles as well, so keep those coming.

David has had a long career in the B2B electronics-industry media as both generalist and specialist. He started as Components Editor for EE Product News, a product tabloid that was once part of our group, eventually becoming Editor in Chief. EE Product News coverage was later merged with Electronic Design.

At Electronic Design, David covered EDA as well as test and measurement as a Technology Editor, developing deep insight into those complex areas of technology. I worked with David for many years at Electronic Design until he moved into technical marketing communications for Teledyne LeCroy.

David earned a B.A. in journalism at New York University, but has garnered extensive technical background covering everything from components to advanced EDA tools, wireless technology, and test-and-measurement products like oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, and other test equipment. He brings a breadth of experience in covering technology that’s central to Microwaves & RF.

You will be seeing David at various technology trade shows and technical conferences to bring you coverage of the latest trends and new products. You can also contact him if you want to contribute articles to Microwaves & RF.