Containers Speed Embedded Software Development

March 19, 2024
Learn how NXP leverages MicroEJ’s software containers with standard APIs to bring software portability to a broad range of NXP’s RTOS-based MCUs and Linux-based processors.

A collaboration between MicroEJ and NXP Semiconductors has resulted in the NXP Platform Accelerator, which promises easier integration, faster time-to-market, scalability, and portability to users of NXP’s processors. The Platform Accelerator leverages MicroEJ’s Virtual Execution Environment (VEE) software containers with standard application programming interfaces (APIs) to deliver software portability across NXP’s broad portfolio of RTOS-based MCUs and Linux-based applications processors.

According to MicroEJ’s chief product and strategy officer, Semir Haddad, NXP realized it needed to enable application software reuse across its broad portfolio of microcontrollers and applications processors. In the video, Haddad shows an array of NXP devices all brought to application-software unity through use of MicroEJ’s VEE software containers, including:

The sampling of NXP devices spans environments from RTOS to Linux and even Android, all unified through use of the Platform Accelerator. As a result, NXP customers can develop a single application that can be run on any/all of these devices. This brings a great deal of reuse and scalability to software development, as well as the ability to very quickly simulate and prototype the software.

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