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MathWorks Targets Startups with Software Suites

May 6, 2022
The new suites provide early-stage companies with access to MATLAB and Simulink software at a significantly reduced price.

MathWorks expanded its support for the next generation of entrepreneurs striving to turn their technical ideas into reality: The company now offers tech startups access to a pair of standard suites containing MATLAB, Simulink, and more than 100 industry-specific toolboxes at a startup-friendly price. The Suites for Startups provide a full stack of development tools for design and simulation, test, and code generation.

Besides licenses for MATLAB, Simulink, and related add-on products, the suites include training options in local languages as well as technical support from MathWorks experts who are ready to guide users from idea to deployment. Users also can take advantage of the MathWorks startup promotion program to spread the word about their product and services.

“We’ve worked with thousands of startups and know using the best tools helps companies succeed faster and with less risk,” says David Rich, Director of MATLAB Product Marketing. “The new startup suites ensure engineers have access to commercially supported design tools that span the full range of what MathWorks offers—from AI, control design, physical modeling, code generation, cloud deployment, and more.”

Long-Term Partner for Emerging Startups

MathWorks is committed to accelerating the pace of engineering and science, and support teams who seek solutions for modern-day problems. Among the 7,000 startups in medical technology, robotics, and other industries already using MATLAB are AEye, Metawave, and Owl Autonomous Imaging, all working on vehicle perception technologies to provide a safe automated driving experience.

Moreover, Netherlands-based Lightyear, an early-stage company developing the world’s first solar-powered car, received access to products and support through the MathWorks Startup Program.

Startups working in these fields are pioneers in technical innovation, but are often constrained by funding, much of which must be spent on employee costs. The goal of the MathWorks startup program is to give early-stage companies the tools to move quickly from concept to minimum viable product without having to choose between engineers and technical tools.

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