APEC 2023 Insights with Lee Goldberg

April 7, 2023
Couldn't make it to Orlando this year? Join Electronic Design's Lee Goldberg for a sampler of what the show had to offer.

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Greetings from Orlando, Florida, a city that boasts the world's highest density of overpriced theme parks, and home to the IEEE's Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) for 2023. APEC enjoys a reputation for being one of the power industry's premier technical conferences. However, it also supports an exhibit floor worthy of any commercial trade show, making it a great place to take stock of the latest power-related products, technologies, and design practices.

2023 marks the conference's second year as a live event after spending a couple of years in COVID-induced cyber-lockdown. It was encouraging to see attendance nearly back to pre-pandemic levels, and a buzz of excitement still lingering in the air. We've tried to capture some of the excitement and innovation we saw at APEC in a series of video vignettes shot live on the APEC exhibit floor, which highlight a different aspect of the power sector:

Texas Instruments' Active Filters Shrink Bulky Passives in High-Power Applications

Texas Instruments (TI) Application Engineer, Orlando Murray, shows us how the company's new family of active filters, the TPSF12C1, can be used to greatly reduce the size of inductors and capacitors used in the EMI filters of onboard chargers, server rack power supplies, and other high-power applications.

Power Integrations' GaN-Based Switcher Targets Automotive Apps 

Andy Smith, Power Integrations' (PI) Director of Training, shows off the company's latest variant of the company's  InnoSwitch3-AQ  converter architecture, which uses gallium-nitride (GaN) transistors to provide an economical backup source of 12-V power in electric vehicles. The reference design he showed us how the highly efficient CV/CC QR flyback-switcher IC can be paired with GaN power transistors to create a compact automotive-grade supply that delivers up to 100 W of 12-V power from EV main bus sources of up to 500 V.

onsemi's End-to-End SiC Manufacturing Capabilities

Dieder Balacco, a Technical Marketing Engineer with onsemi, talks about how the company has internalized all stages of its silicon-carbide (SiC) production, from in-house production of raw SiC wafers to developing and manufacturing the high-power modules the finished devices will be housed in.