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Base-Station Coupler Links 800 to 2500 MHz

Nov. 12, 2012
A line of high-power couplers for cellular base stations provides low PIM performance from 800 to 2500 MHz.

A line of high-power base-station couplers with 7/16-DIN connectors has been announced by Raditek. As an example, model RCPL-800-2500M-7/16f-500W operates from 800 to 2500 MHz with better than 1.25:1 VSWR and better than 30-dB isolation between ports. It is available with coupling factors from 5 to 40 dB and achieves third-order passive-intermodulation (PIM) distortion of -140 dBc with two 20-W tones and fifth-order PIM of -150 dBc with two 20-W test tones. The high-power coupler measures just 180 x 61 x 45 mm and is designed for operating temperatures from -25 to +85°C.

Raditek International, Inc., 1702L Meridian Ave., Ste. 127, San Jose, CA 95125; (408) 266-7404, FAX: (408) 266-4483, e-mail: [email protected],

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