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Automotive Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Module Clears Path to New Use Cases

Jan. 5, 2024
u-blox’s JODY-W6 module, which features concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth LE Audio, operates even in high temperatures.

The Overview

u-blox has launched its JODY-W6 module, a concurrent dual-band Wi-Fi 6E device with Bluetooth 5.3, including LE Audio, in a compact package measuring 13.8 × 19.8 × 2.5 mm. The new module targets automotive applications in infotainment and navigation, advanced telematics, and OEM telematics.

Who Needs It & Why?

Wi-Fi 6 and 6E technologies are seeing significant and promising growth in the automotive industry. Wi-Fi 6 focuses on efficiency, with reduced data congestion, improved network capacity, and lower overall power consumption. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi 6E focuses on spectrum, enabling more concurrent users, reduced congestion, and enhanced security.

The device offers support for Apple CarPlay, AndroidAuto, personalized entertainment, data offloading, and smart/roof-integrated antennas. It’s expected to help overcome congestion and fulfill scalability requirements in vehicle designs.

Under the Hood

u-blox’s JODY-W6 not only provides tri-band Wi-Fi 6E functionality, but it also features dual-mode Bluetooth 5.3 with LE Audio. The globally certified device can withstand harsh automotive operating temperatures from 40°C to 105°C.

Equipped with an embedded NXP Semiconductors AW693 chipset, the module comes with either two or three antennas. It can also integrate an LTE filter. An EVK and an M.2 card will be available for the JODY-W6 series. Furthermore, its compatibility with previous JODY modules ensures seamless scalability. Other features of the AW693 chipset include MU-MIMO, OFDMA, and target wake time (TWT).

Samples of the JODY-W6 module are currently available, with volume production scheduled for Q1 2025.