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LeCroy Adds Probes, Scopes

LeCroy Corp. recently bolstered its test solutions portfolio through additions to its WaveAce oscilloscope lines and WaveLink differential probe families. The WaveAce 1000 and 2000 series were added to the versatile oscilloscope product lines, with WaveAce 1000 sampling rates to 1 GSamples/s and 2 Mpoints of memory in two-channel models from 40 to 100 MHz, and WaveAce 2000 sampling rates to 2 GSamples/s and 24 kpoints of memory in two- and four-channel models from 70 to 300 MHz. The compact scopes use 7-in. screens and include 32 automatic measurements, waveform math, pass/fail testing, and an internal waveform recorder.

The WaveLink differential probe line was expanded with the addition of the Dxx30 Series products, with models for use to 8, 10, and 13 GHz. With dynamic range of 3.5 V peak to peak, and large offset range of ±4 V, the probes are ideal for measuring a wide range of high-speed signals. The company also announced that the WaveLink Dxx05 Series of high-bandwidth (13 to 25 GHz) differential probes will offer an increased input dynamic range of 2.0 V peak to peak.

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