DOD Outlines Standards-Based RFID And UID Initiative

Intermec Technologies Corp., a provider of radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies and global supply chain automatic data collection systems, has announced the availability of RFID products and services that comply with the requirements for the U.S. Department of Defense's (DODs) unique identification (UID) initiative. The DOD has asked suppliers to include UID identification markings on products supplied to the government by 2005. A UID product marking system can include RFID, bar coding and other types of automatic identification. Adoption of the UID system will allow the Department to increase efficiency and cut costs, even while increasing distribution accuracy and inventory visibility. Intermec RFID products already are being used in a multitude of government and commercial applications around the world from manufacturing, food processing, security and logistics applications in the United States, to retail and logistics applications in Europe, to bio-hazard waste management in Africa and transportation systems in Japan. Intermec has the world's widest range of UHF readers and tags systems, including systems certified for operation in the United States at 915 MHz and 2.45GHz, in Europe at 869MHz (meeting narrow-band requirements) and in Japan meeting 2.45GHz frequency regulations.

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