WiFi-Based Positioning System Finds People In Emergencies

Ascom Wireless Solutions and Ekahau Inc. are working together on a WiFi positioning solution to use as a reliable means of locating people in emergency situations. The project combines Ekahau's location-based services (Ekahau RTLS) with the Ascom i75 high-end VoWiFi handset.

Several industries, such as manufacturing and healthcare, are already using the Ascom i75 handset and will benefit from this new feature. The positioning system enables handsets to be located within the coverage area of any standard existing enterprise WiFi network, both indoors and outdoors. It doesn't require any additional infrastructure components, such as additional readers, antennas, or chokepoints.

The new Ascom-Ekahau positioning solution will help organizations locate people in emergencies. For example, in the event of an accident on a plant floor, the person in need can press the alarm button for assistance or a "man-down" alarm is automatically sent. Help can be sent quickly because the position of the person carrying the handset is accurately revealed.

An open application programmer's interface (API) provides access to the real-time location information through any software application, and enables new location-based services, such as "nearest-person-to-task," work-flow improvement, and asset tracking applications.

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