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Report Reveals WiMAX Growth

The second issue of the WiMAXCounts Quarterly Report, published by research firm Maravedis, reveals that the WiMAX global subscriber base increased by 50 percent in the third quarter. The number of WiMAX global subscribers is 1,369,000 accounting from revenue of $668 million (USD) for the first three quarters of 2007. According to Adlane Fellah, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Maravedis, "We expect the introduction of major network deployments for mobile WiMAX, combined with lower CPE pricing, to accelerate subscriber growth in 2008 and contribute to a 70-to-80-percent yearly increase in commercial deployment." The report included information on interest to WiMAX operators, including the fact that The Middle East and Africa region has the highest residential Average Revenue Per User (ARPU), at $52.31 USD, while offering significantly lower speeds than other regions, and that 66 percent of operators are deploying WiMAX networks and services in the 3.3-to-3.8-GHz frequency range.

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