Plastic Optical Fiber Sends 40 Gb/s

Discovery Semiconductors has provided the University of Kiel (Kiel, Germany) with a multimode coupled 40-Gb/s photodiode for the institution's research on high-speed optical communications over plastic optical fiber (POF) and multimode fiber (MMF). So far, the device has been used as part of a demonstration of error-free 40-Gb/s transmission across 50 m of POF by researcher Stefan Schoellman. The research was presented at the recent European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) in Berlin, Germany and is part of Professor Werner Rosenkranz's research group at the University of Kiel. Professor Rosenkranz notes," This work demonstrates that 40 Gb/s transmission is possible over POF and MMF. These fiber types usually support only low bit rates. The multimode-coupled photodiode from Discovery is a key enabling technology which allows 40 Gb/s transmission over POF."

Discovery Semiconductors (

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