Nujira And TTP Demonstrate High-Efficiency RF Power Amplifier

Cambridge, UK and Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain Nujira has announced the successful demonstration of ultrahighefficiency RF power amplifier (PA) operation with DVB OFDM signals, supported by TTP and the Carbon Trust.

"This demonstration shows that the power efficiency savings that Nujira has demonstrated with WCDMA and WiMAX can be achieved with even greater effect for OFDM-based mobile and digital TV standards at UHF, such as DVB-T, DVB-H, ISDB-T and MediaFLO" stated Tim Haynes, CEO of Nujira.

"The broadcast and cellular industries are major electricity users, resulting in high operational costs and CO2 emissions," added Antony Rix, senior consultant at TTP. "This successful demonstration shows Nujira's HAT envelope-tracking technology has the potential to cut the electricity consumption of broadcast transmitters by up to 50%."

The demonstration was performed using the latest release of Nujira's High Accuracy Tracking (HAT) development system, in use by major infrastructure equipment manufacturers for evaluation of the HAT technology, combined with a bespoke RF platform developed by Nujira and TTP that allows a direct comparison between PAs operating at 2.1 GHz and UHF. The transmissions met broadcasters' requirements for modulation error ratio (MER) and adjacent-channel protection (ACP). This development, along with associated modeling and market research, was supported by the Carbon Trust--TTP Incubator, funded by the Carbon Trust.

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