Silicon Labs Demos High-Accuracy Distance Measurement and Smart Home SoCs

Feb. 27, 2023
At CES, the company showcased a forthcoming Bluetooth feature that allows two Bluetooth-enabled devices to accurately measure distance between them. Also on display was the cross-platform Gecko multi-protocol wireless SoC family.

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Silicon Labs came to CES 2023 with a number of demonstrations in its suite. In this video, Jayanth Krishna, senior product manager for IoT wireless, shows off the company's implementation of a feature in a forthcoming revision of the Bluetooth specification: high-accuracy distance measurement.

Called Connection-Oriented Two-Way ranging, the new feature enables two Bluetooth-enabled devices to be designated as an initiator and a reflector, respectively. The feature can employ either phase measurements over multiple frequencies or round-trip time to make distance measurements to ±60 cm at 30 meters. For this demo, SiLabs used its EFR32BG24 Series 2 Bluetooth wireless SoC.

In another demo, Matter product manager Rob Alexander used a pair of customer designs, one being a smart-lock implementation by Schlage and the other a NanoLeaf Essentials A19 smart color LED light bulb, to show why Matter is so relevant in today's market.

A manufacturer like Schlage that wants to market smart locks to support various wireless protocols can greatly simplify the number of requisite SKUs by implementing Matter. The suite's four demos (see image above) showed both Wi-Fi (on the left) and Thread (on the right) transports with Matter operating above the IP layer as an application. The demo at top left uses the SiLabs WF200 Wi-Fi transceiver paired with an EFR32MG12 Series 1 module; at bottom left is the company's newest Wi-Fi chip, the Si917, also paired with an EFR32MG12. On the right are two EFR32BG24 SoCs running the Thread demos.

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