ioXt Alliance Works Toward Global IoT Security Standardization

Jan. 13, 2023
The organization, made up of more than 600 OEMs, labs, and manufacturers, aims to bring IoT security upgradability and transparency into the hands of consumers.

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At CES, Senior Editor David Maliniak caught up with Grace Burkard, Director of Operations at the ioXt Alliance. She discusses the fragmentation of standards between industries, countries, and types of products, which makes it difficult for manufacturers to achieve certification.

Burkard stresses the need for transparency between standards and explains that ioXt Alliance-certified products have a QR code a company can display on the product or website.

 “A consumer can come up, scan it, and it will take them directly to their product page,” said Burkard. “And it shows what levels they need for their security.”

 After Executive Order 140288 came out, the administrations tasked NIST to better the cybersecurity products in the U.S.

 “They’re taking it one step further, and they're looking to create a national label that they can give to manufacturers in the U.S.,” noted Burkard. “And there's a lot of different organizations who are on board with this.”

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