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TWTs Power Instrument Amplifiers to 40 GHz (.PDF Download)

Dec. 14, 2017
TWTs Power Instrument Amplifiers to 40 GHz (.PDF Download)

Defense systems contain a great deal of hardware that requires high-power RF/microwave signals for testing, whether in communications systems, electronic-warfare (EW), or radar systems. In addition, high-power test signals are often needed for electromagnetic-compatibility (EMC) or radio-frequency-interference (RFI) testing of high-frequency components and systems.

For robust power levels, instrumentation amplifiers based on traveling-wave-tube (TWT) active devices can 1217provide the necessary output-power levels across the required bandwidths. TMD Technologies Ltd. has just unveiled its PTCM line of TWT-based instrumentation amplifiers that provide as much as kilowatts of power for selected bandwidths to 40 GHz, but are more than “just” amplifiers, with many self-monitoring and self-protection features that ensure long and reliable service lives for these TWTAs.