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Learning Lessons in Power and Portability (.PDF Download)

May 11, 2017
Learning Lessons in Power and Portability (.PDF Download)

Power and portability often go together for an electronic device, especially when it comes equipped with a fully charged battery. But when the power runs out, it doesn’t matter how small or otherwise portable an electronic device might be, since it won’t be of much use. Batteries and power cells can be made to last longer, with increased capacities for greater portability. But this usually means larger batteries with an increase in size and weight—and a corresponding sacrifice in portability for the increase in power.

As in civilian life, the battlefield has been experiencing a growing reliance on electronic devices. Many of the portable electronic devices are tools meant to support a soldier, such as a two-way radio, a back-pack computer, or a GPS receiver for positioning and guidance. Some may be more elaborate electronic devices, such as signal activity receivers that detect and display RF/microwave signal activity with a certain frequency range and transmission distance.