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What You Need to Know About the Telemetry Network Standard (Download)

Feb. 11, 2022

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Flight-test instrumentation has changed dramatically over the last decade. Data-acquisition units (DAUs) transitioned from using protocols like pulse-code modulation (PCM) to Ethernet, which facilitates higher traffic, increased compatibility, and access to many useful features available in the commercial space. The increased data and desire to gain more control over onboard systems from the ground has led to significant recent interest in using a bidirectional, Ethernet-like telemetry protocol. The industry is investigating commercial protocols, such as 5G, for such a role.

Another standard explicitly developed for telemetry, the Telemetry Network Standard (TmNS), was recently released in IRIG 106-19.1 TmNS is a new tool for the flight-test telemetry industry. This article presents an overview of TmNS, its core benefits, and a comparison to 5G.