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Making Connections in Ruggedized UAVs (Download)

Nov. 18, 2021

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Military unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are growing in numbers and complexity, taking on more advanced payloads with multiple sensors. Modern battlefield UAVs do everything that human-piloted air vehicles and their avionics systems once did, including electronic warfare (EW), signal intelligence (SIGINT), and surveillance, often flying at high altitudes and high speeds. Many military UAVs are designed with modular configurations to install different subsystems for each mission to optimize results.

Whether in standard or modular formats, military UAVs rely strongly on their RF/microwave interconnections to keep all systems linked, including from the UAV to the ground through demanding operating conditions. Specifying RF connectors, cables, and cable assemblies for military UAVs, especially as they increase their use of mmWave frequencies, requires an intelligent balance of many factors to keep all systems connected under all conditions.