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About mmTron

mmTron offers a range of high linearity MMICs and RFICs for mmWave 5G/SATCOM applications.


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More Info on mmTron

Founded in 2020 by industry veterans and visionaries in semiconductor millimeter-wave design, mmTron is powering the world’s 5G/6G and satcom future. mmTron leads the industry in mmWave broadband and narrowband products for advanced wireless, defense, and aerospace communication markets. The company’s designs offer the highest linearity in the industry. mmTron leverages turnkey commercial foundry technology with innovative design solutions to deliver linearity, efficiency, and performance for the most demanding mobility industries driving tomorrow’s internet.

Our team works with a number of leading semiconductor foundries including WIN Semiconductor®, Cree®, GCS®, UMS®, Qorvo®, NGC®, HRL®, BAE®, Raytheon®, Teledyne®, Keysight®, TowerJazz®, Global Foundries®, iHP®, and ST®.

Articles & News

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GaN PA MMICs Serve mmWave 5G and Satcom Apps

June 8, 2023
The series of GaN HEMT PAs is designed to optimize output power and linearity in high-data-rate communications waveforms without sacrificing efficiency.