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Mercury Systems Acquires GECO Avionics, LLC

Mercury Systems completed its acquisition of GECO Avionics, LLC, a manufacturer of safety-critical avionics and computing systems.

Mercury Systems has completed its acquisition of Mesa, Ariz.-based GECO Avionics, LLC (GECO). With more than 20 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing safety-critical avionics and computing systems, GECO’s DO-254-certified hardware products include mission processors, video processors, airborne displays, and aviation networks. GECO also specializes in DO-178 avionics software design up to DAL-A, the highest level of design assurance for flight management, aircraft condition monitoring, display, and electronic flight instrumentation applications.

The OpenRFM is a modular RF/microwave systems design approach pioneered by Mercury Systems that delivers performance without high price for military customers. (Courtesy: Mercury Systems)

This acquisition adds a great deal of safety-critical prowess to Mercury’s previous acquisitions of Creative Electronic Systems (CES), based in Geneva, Switzerland, and Richland Technologies (RTL), based in Duluth, Ga. The three acquisitions increase Mercury’s capabilities in mission computing and platform management, adding many more high-performance sensor processing solutions and embedded-security offerings. GECO’s technologies are deployed on numerous military platforms such as the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter and the KC-46A Pegasus widebody multirole tanker.

In addition to advanced design integration in computer-based systems, Mercury Systems has developed its OpenRFM modular open-architecture approach to RF/microwave systems design and development to provide higher systems performance for greater affordability for military customers. The approach combines hardware, firmware, and software for systems-level interoperability and reduced time-to-market with high reliability for critical applications—and without the expense of custom solutions.

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