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Rockwell Collins' AN/PRC-162 Rockwell Collins
The AN/PRC-162 ground radio has received the highest “Top Secret” classification from the National Security Agency (NSA).

Ground Radio Receives Type-1 NSA Certification

The AN/PRC-162 two-channel ground radio has been qualified by the NSA for use in communicating classified information in the field.

Military communications security can be difficult to achieve, but Rockwell Collins has reached a major milestone with its AN/PRC-162(V)1 RT-2048CU military ground radio. The radio, which provides secure handling of classified information, recently earned Type-1 certification from the National Security Agency (NSA), validating that the radio is safe for use in communicating classified information up to and including “Top Secret” level.

The two-channel radio can be used as a man-portable and vehicle-mounted combat communications device. Its open-architecture design draws upon software-defined-radio (SDR) technology for flexible capabilities. The Type-1 certification qualifies the radio’s use in a wider range of military applications, including in DoD Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) applications.

“The NSA certification is a big step on our journey to provide troops with the latest communications technology available for operating in a more complex, multi-domain battlespace,” said Troy Brunk, vice president and general manager, Communication, Navigation, and Electronic Warfare Solutions for Rockwell Collins. “We’ve leveraged decades of proven experience in airborne communications to develop a ground radio that will provide users with a heightened level of situational awareness and a tactical advantage.”

The AN/PRC-162 ground radios are capable secure, high-speed communications of data, images, voice, and video in real time.

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