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300 M-Code GPS Receivers Boost Missile Systems Center

This is an example of an M-Code receiver which provides enhanced positioning capabilities and can co-exist with standard GPS equipment.

The U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (USAF SMC) recently showed its total satisfaction with the Military Code (M-Code) GPS receiver from Rockwell Collins by adding a follow-on order for 300 additional receivers on top of an initial order for 770 receivers. The radios have been ordered in support of the Military GPS User Equipment (MGUE) program.

M-Code receivers enhance traditional GPS location technology for military use while co-existing with other GPS equipment. (Photograph courtesy of Rockwell Collins)

Rockwell Collins began work on this MGUE contract in 2012. “This order will help accelerate the rapid integration and fielding of M-Code,” said Rob Scott, director, Navigation Solutions for Rockwell Collins. “The delivery of our high-performing M-Code GPS receivers will enable the next generation of reliable and secure military navigation.”

M-Code receivers enhance GPS for military use while co-existing with existing civilian and military equipment. The radios are also designed for autonomous use, so that operators can calculate their positions solely by means of only M-Code signals, rather than alternative methods, where more than one signal code is required.


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