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LoRa Devices Form Foundation for COVID-19 Body-Temperature Sensors

April 30, 2020
Smart human body sensors enable healthcare workers to identify individuals with a high temperature.

A series of smart human-body temperature monitoring products have been developed by Polysense Technologies using Semtech’s LoRa devices. Real-time data from the temperature sensors enables healthcare workers to efficiently screen individuals with a high temperature. The temperature monitoring products have recently shipped to Italy to help with its coronavirus (COVID-19) response efforts.

The infrared LoRa-based temperature sensors are enabling Italian cities to provide better health monitoring and services to communities. Health officials will be able to monitor people’s temperature and if needed, escalate to provide immediate healthcare to individuals who are in need.

The global community is increasingly turning to Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to help countries and cities provide better community services to its population. IoT solutions with flexible, long-range capabilities allow the healthcare industry to develop applications that optimize hospital, patient care, and public health workflows through reliable and accurate data monitoring.

Polysense’s LoRa-based human temperature monitoring products are offered in two variants. A wireless sensor for individual use, the WxS x800-IRTM, leverages thermal sensing technologies and embedded LoRa devices to consistently monitor patient temperature in real time. The sensor utilizes connectivity based on the LoRaWAN protocol to communicate temperature data to cloud-based applications for trend analysis. Alerts are pushed to mobile devices if temperature thresholds are exceeded, allowing the patient to limit exposure to others and seek medical attention. Polysense’s WxS x810-IRTMS is a standalone thermal meter for use in public spaces. This product enables public-health officials to efficiently and reliably monitor populations on public transportation, at airports, railway stations, schools, shopping centers, and large building entrances. Deployment of the WxS x810-IRTMS takes place in less than five minutes, allowing immediate temperature screening and enhanced public safety.

Polysense’s LoRa-enabled WxS x800-IRTM and WxS x810-IRTMS are in production and available to order immediately, with the government of Italy recently purchasing five kits to aid in its COVID-19 containment efforts. For pricing and further information, contact [email protected].

Polysense Technologies, polysense.net; Semtech, semtech.com

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