Transistor Powers 1.5-kW UHF Pulses

The model 0405SC-1500M silicon-carbide (SiC) transistor from Microsemi is a truly high-power solid-state device capable of delivering 1500-W UHF output power for pulsed radar systems. Suitable for use in weather-radar and over-the-horizon-radar systems operating from 406 to 450 MHz with 300-microsecond pulses at as much as 6-percent duty cycle, the transistor provides typical gain of 8 dB with drain efficiency of 45 percent at 450 MHz.

According to Charles Leader, Vice President of Microsemi's RF Integrated Solutions (RFIS) group, "We are very excited to lead the market with this silicon carbide broadband transistor specifically designed for UHF band pulsed radar in military and aerospace applications. This new 1,500 watt device demonstrates our ability to extend this advanced technology through aggressive investment. We now can support next-generation UHF radar designs with a full series of silicon carbide transistors having powers rated at 100 W, 500 W, 1000 W, and now the 0405SC-1500M at 1,500 W." Capable of operating into mismatches as severe as a 5.0:1 VSWR, the +125-V device features a single-ended design with simple impedance matching. It employs all gold metallization and gold wire for reliability and is housed in a hermetic solder-sealed package

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