Smart Amp Monitors Operating Conditions

Engineers in search of small-volume power amplifiers may want to take a look at the model 1163 from Empower RF Systems. Based on silicon LDMOS technology, this is an example of a new generation of "smart" power amplifiers capable of maintaining constant bias current over temperature and other operating conditions by using microprocessor control. Model 1163 operates from 20 to 520 MHz with 125 W output power at 3-dB compression from a packaging measuring only 7.0 x 4.0 x 1.5 in.

Suitable for applications in digital communications systems, electronic attack platforms, and test and measurement equipment, the rugged amplifier features internal monitoring and protection circuitry for high reliability, storing key events in nonvolatile memory for lifetime performance analysis. To learn more about the model 1163 LDMOS power amplifier, don't forget to stop by the Empower RF Systems' exhibition booth (No. 2203) at the 2012 IMS.

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