Mobile WiMAX Heading For Mediocrity?

Mobile WiMAX has been presented as one of the true wireless broadband technology solutions for years to come. But market prognosticator IMS Research believes that it will struggle to gain traction with operators, and will ultimately remain a niche mobile technology. And IMS Research Market Analyst Bob Perez offers that some of the projections for mobile WiMAX may be a bit overinflated. He explains that "the truth is that WiMAX is a very robust technology that has been quite successful in many parts of the world as a fixed broadband solution and will continue to do so, especially in underserved markets. Although mobile WiMAX networks are already going live thanks to Sprint/Clearwire and Korea Telecom the prospect of additional mobile WiMAX networks from Tier 1 operators are looking pretty grim."

The market for both fixed and mobile WiMAX is examined in detail in the new IMS Research report, "The Worldwide Market for WiMAX & Competing Products 2008 Edition." In addition, the upcoming report from IMS Research, "Mobile Broadband: 4G Network Evolution" will contain a comprehensive analysis of both the mobile WiMAX and LTE markets.

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