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Materials On Show At Satellite 2010

A variety of microwave materials from Rogers Corporation will be on display at the upcoming Satellite 2010 show in Washington, DC (March 16-18, 2010). The firm will show RT/duroid 5880LZ, RT/duroid 6202PR, and RO3003 circuit-board laminates. RT/duroid 5880LZ and RT/duroid 6202PR are ideally suited for airborne and space antennas. RT/duroid 5880LZ has a dielectric constant (1.96) and low z-axis coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) for reliable plated through holes (PTHs) in multilayer circuits. RT/duroid 6202PR combines a low coefficient of thermal expansion with very low thermal coefficient of dielectric constant for dependable performance in hostile environments. RO3003 ceramic-filled PTFE composites support circuits at frequencies to 40 GHz. With a choice of three dielectric constants (3, 6.15, or 10.2), low-cost RO3003 materials maintain stable dielectric constant versus temperature and frequency with excellent dimensional stability in the X and Y directions.

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