J-Lead Packs House Crystal Oscillators

News from the recent 2009 IEEE MTT-S exhibition in Boston included an announcement from Vectron International that its ceramic 5 x 7 mm crystal oscillators and translators are now available in surface-mount J-leaded packages. This provides customers in the defense community with products capable of handling wide temperature extremes and harsh environments. Products currently available in J-leaded packages include the ceramic 5x7 mm crystal oscillators the models PX-700 and VX-705 crystal oscillators and the models FX-700 and CD-700 translators. As Dave Bail, Director of Product Marketing for the Industrial, Military, and Space Business Unit of Vectron International, explains "Our defense customers face engineering challenges in extremely harsh environments, such as rapid temperature changes in avionic and missile applications. At Vectron, we pride ourselves on listening carefully to our customers' evolving needs and innovating to provide them with the products they require to meet their objectives without compromising on size or quality."

At the same MTT-S event, the firm also announced space-qualified crystals in TO-5 and TO-8 packages for frequencies from 3 to 200 MHz. The crystals feature AT, IT, or SC cut crystals from fundamental frequencies to seventh overtone frequencies. The space-level products are manufactured in state-of-the-art clean rooms and all testing and screening to MIL-PRF-3098 and MIL-PRF-55310 is performed internally.

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