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Inductors Span 6 To 27.3 nH

The air-core inductors from Coilcraft were designed to serve as coils in inductive-capacitive (LC) filter and RF impedance-matching applications. The 0806SQ, 0807SQ, and 0908SQ inductors offer inductance values from 6 to 27.3 nH. In addition, most of the inductors have quality factors (Q's) above 200 in the 1-to-2-GHz range. The inductors can handle current to 4.4 A. They have a flat top and bottom for mechanical stability. To make it easier to compare the performance curves of these and other RF inductors, Coilcraft offers an online tool that allows users to plot the Q, L, impedance (Z), and equivalent series resistance (ESR) of as many as four inductors side by side on the same graphs. Simply plug in the operating frequency and compare specifications at that precise point.

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