HBT Amplifier Drives WiMAX/Cellular Bases

Model MAAM-009560 is a heterojunction-bipolar-transistor (HBT) driver amplifier from M/A-COM Technology Solutions that is designed for cellular and WiMAX infrastruction applications. It sports a broad frequency range of 250 to 4000 MHz with typical gain of 15 dB and output third-order intercept point of +42 dBm over a more than 20-dB input signal range. It is supplied in a RoHS-compliant SOT-89 surface-mount package with Class 2 electrostatic-discharge (ESD) rating. According to Product Manager Jack Redus, "This versatile MAAM-009560 HBT driver amplifier delivers high linearity performance while consuming low power, providing a highly efficient driver amplifier solution for cellular and WiMAX base stations."

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