Gateway Reference Design Simplifies Home Automation

Also in Germany, Dialog Semiconductor has debuted its SmartPulse IP-gateway reference design. This reference design enables SmartPulse and other DECT ULE home-automation wireless-sensor/actuator products to be connected to the web for remote management via smartphones, laptops, and tablet PCs. It uses Dialog's SmartPulse SC14CVMDECT wireless base-station device and SC14452 voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) application host processor with 32 MB Flash memory, 16 MB SDRAM, and an Ethernet physical layer (PHY) and transformer.

Measuring 60 x 100 mm, the reference board is supported by Dialog's Rhea Clinux software-development environment. That development environment includes web servers, a TCP/IP stack, and an SSH server. Included with the reference design are two example sensor application boards. They automatically connect with the IP-gateway reference design, enabling the testing of web-control systems for SmartPulse-enabled products. To further simplify the design process for new wireless-sensor-network systems, Dialog also has announced development kits for the complete family of SmartPulse DECT ULE sensors (SC14WSMDATA and SC14WSMDECT) and base-station (SC14CVMDECT) devices.

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