Colorado State University Beams Weather Radar Data

GREELEY, COThe Colorado State University CHILL (CSU-CHILL) National Weather Radar Facility has deployed Exalt Communications' EX-2.4i microwave radio system to reliably deliver real-time weather radar data from its remote location to researchers on the CSU campus. The system allows campus researchers to monitor live weather events. It also eliminates the need to manually transfer data on storage disks between the remote site and the campus.

"Our researchers wanted to be able to study live events without having to drive out to the remote facility, and Exalt's license-exempt radio system gave us plenty of bandwidth and could be deployed very quickly," says David Brunkow, Senior Engineer at the CHILL site. "We now have a completely reliable connection that stays up in even the most severe weather conditions."

The EX-2.4i system at CSU-CHILL is currently configured to carry 50 Mb/s of Ethernet data over a distance of 6 miles. It can be upgraded via software to support up to 100 Mb/s of data and up to four T1 lines at the same time. In the future, Brunkow will be investigating the possibility of using the link to carry IP voice-telephony traffic between the CHILL PBX and the main PBX on the CSU campus.

"As the only company with a complete line of carrierclass licensed and licensed-exempt microwave radio systems in every frequency band between 2 and 40 GHz, Exalt has become a primary source for solutions to challenges like the one at CSU-CHILL," said Amir Zoufonoun, CEO of Exalt. "By choosing a license-exempt system, CSU was able to have the link up within a day while taking advantage of our CarrierTDD technology that guarantees throughput in all conditions."

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