Broadband Amp Boasts Flat Gain

Model YSF-2151+ is one member of the new MSiP series of flat-gain amplifiers from Mini-Circuits. With a wide bandwidth of 900 to 2150 MHz, the surface-mount amplifier provides 20-dB nominal gain flat within 0.4 dB. It also features a wide dynamic range, with +20 dBm output power at 1-dB compression and a third-order intercept point of +35 dBm. The noise figure is a relatively low 2.8 dB. The self-contained amplifier includes all matching, bias, and DC-blocking circuitry in its compact 5 x 6 mm package. Other members of the MSiP amplifier line include the 900-to-3200-MHz model YSF-322+ and the 3300-to-3800-MHz model YSF-382+ amplifier.

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