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Antenova Adds Multiband Antennas

embedded antennas for mobile handset and portable device applications: a 4-mm low profile penta-band antenna and a six-band antenna. The low-profile 4-mm penta-band antenna is ideal for ultra-thin mobile handsets. The six-band antenna is suited for mobile handsets, PDAs, and UMPCs. The penta-band antenna covers the GSM 850, GSM 900, DCS 1800, PCS 1900 and WCDMA 2100 bands and is also suitable for CDMA/TDMA 850 and 1900. The six-band antenna adds 2.4-GHz coverage for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi applications.

Greg McCray, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Antenovo, noted, "As more and more applications are designed into devices, co-existence has become critical and board space a premium. But unfortunately, as the antenna size (volume) gets smaller, the performance decreases, so it becomes even more critical to have higher-performing smaller antennas. With its smaller size, multiband capabilities and lower detuning qualities, Antenova's HDA(R) antennas allow device designers and manufacturers more freedom in their PCB layout without having to sacrifice antenna performance and efficiencies. The low profile of our 4-mm high penta-band HDA(R) antenna enables handset manufactures to keep pace with consumer demand for smaller and thinner handsets, while the six-band HDA(R) antenna provides device manufactures the development, cost and time-to-market advantages of designing one device for their global markets." Antenova

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