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X-Band PA Delivers +46 dBm At 40 W

To provide flexibility, a series of medium-power, X-band, rackmount solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) and transmitter systems is designed using a modular approach. The devices can serve simple redundant configurations as well as higher-power phasecombined architectures. The PA-R series of SSPAs offers input/ output frequencies from 7.9 to 8.4 GHz. The transmitter input frequency ranges from 950 to 1450 MHz. At 1-dB compression, the devices deliver minimum output power of +46 dBm at 40 W power consumption and +48.5 dBm at 70 W power consumption. Typical output power at saturation is rated at +46.5 dBm at 40 W and +49 dBm at 70 W. The devices offer intermodulation distortion to -25 dBc at 3-dB total backoff from rated output power. For 1-dB compressed output power, harmonics are rated at -50 dBc at 3-dB backoff while spurious emissions range to -70 dBc. Gain is rated at 70 dB minimum at +25C with gain flatness of 2.0 dB peak-to-peak maximum over the full band. Gain slope is 0.4 dB/40 MHz maximum. These SSPA systems provide for overtemperature, over-current, and high-output-VSWR safety protection. Status and control is achieved via the remote RS-422/485 bus or Ethernet interface port. An event log is continuously updated with time-stamped records of significant events. Applications for these systems include flyaway terminals and VSAT network hubs.

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