Rotary Attenuator Covers DC To 2700 MHz

With its compact size, a new rotary attenuator promises to save benchspace while testing a frequency range from DC to 2700 MHz. The 50BR-112 rotary attenuator features an attenuation range of 0 to 110 dB that is adjustable in 1-dB increments. This 50- benchtop attenuator is capable of handling 2 W RF input power. It maintains a voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of 1.8:1 maximum and 1.6:1 typical. It exhibits maximum insertion loss of 2.0 dB with typical performance of 0.7 dB at 700 MHz and 1.7 dB at 2700 MHz. It offers typical attenuation accuracy of 0.5 dB in 1-dB steps and 0.7 dB or 3 percent in 10-dB steps. The 50BR-112 comes with either BNC, SMA, N, or TNC female connectors.

JFW Industries, Inc., 5134 Commerce Square Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46237; (317) 887-1340, FAX: (317) 881-6790, Internet:

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