Millimeter-Wave Power Divider Spans 10 To 45 GHz

THE MILLIMETER-WAVE ARENA continues to experience growth in applications like radar, microwave communications, and broadband test equipment. Finding a niche in such applications is the 4428C-2 two-way RF power divider, which boasts a bandwidth of 10 to 45 GHz. This power divider has minimum insertion loss ranging from 1.9 dB at 45 GHz to 0.6 dB at 10 GHz. The device's isolation extends from 13 dB at 45 GHz to 20 dB at 10 GHz. Amplitude balance is 0.8 dB at 45 GHz and 0.3 dB at 10 GHz. Phase balance ranges from 12 deg. at 45 GHz to 5 deg. at 10 GHz. The power divider will handle 1 W average power and 3 W with a load voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of 1.2:1.

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