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Line Stretcher Adjusts Phase Through 18 GHz

The model 9428T-MF coaxial line stretcher from ARRA provides a phase adjustment range of 15 deg./GHz over the frequency range of DC to 18 GHz. The insertion loss is only 0.5 dB to 12 GHz and only 0.75 dB to 18 GHz while the VSWR is only 1.30:1 to 4 GHz and 1.50:1 to 18 GHz. The insertion delay is approximately 0.306 ns minimum and 0.348 ns maximum. The line stretcher, which can handle 100 W average power and 5 kW peak power, is supplied with SMA male and female connectors although other connector types are available. For more information, visit the ARRA website at:

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