Flexible Coax Cables Connect 65 GHz

Flexible cables are available with different diameters for a variety of frequency ranges that reach as high as 65 GHz.

The Lab-Flex coaxial-cable assemblies provide durability even with extensive flexure. The Lab Flex 115S cables, with a diameter of 0.105 in., have a maximum frequency of 65 GHz and 50-Ω impedance. The mmWave cables exhibit typical loss of 57.6 dB per 100 ft. cable at 5 GHz. The velocity of propagation is 76% and the shielding effectiveness is better than 90 dB at 18 GHz. The capacitance is 27 pF/ft while the delay is 1.34 ns/ft. The average power-handling capabilities are 390 W at 1 GHz, 90 W at 18 GHz, 60 W at 40 GHz, and 50 W at 50 GHz. The durable cables are designed for minimum bend radius of 0.5 in. and operating temperatures from −55 to +200°C.

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