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Fiber-Optic Connector Aids Tactical Coms

The PHD 38999 series of fiber-optic connectors developed by ITT Interconnect Solutions provide the performance of precision fiber-optic interconnects in a rugged circular connector profile capable of withstanding harsh environments. The PHD series fiber-optic connectors are ideal for use in military, aerospace and tactical communications applications. They are compatible with M38999 outside dimensions and feature an all-metallic backshell with a sealing grommet and removable alignment insert assembly. The connectors are available in sizes 20, 24, 28, and 36. A shielding kit is also included.

Keith Teichmann, Director of Marketing for ITT Interconnect Solutions, explains: "Initially developed for high-speed backplane systems in telecom switching applications, the PHD termination and connector system delivers a high density package with superior optical signal transmission performance. The PHD 38999 series connectors were also designed for packaging flexibility, offering a variety of circular and rectangular MIL specification and standard connector configurations."

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