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Catalog on CD Guides Capacitor Specifiers

A new compact-disk (CD) catalog from leading capacitor supplier American Technical Ceramics contains detailed information on the company's single-layer and multilayer capacitors for RF and microwave applications, as well as extensive lines of resistive products, inductors, thin-film circuits, and cofired-ceramic products. The write-ups on each capacitor product include essential performance information, such as quality factor (Q), self-resonant frequency (SRF), working voltage, effective capacitance, and effective series resistance (ESR). The disk includes application notes, S-parameter files that can be imported into most popular computer-aided-engineering (CAE) simulation software tools, and the Tech-Select capacitor-specifying tool. For a copy of the free CD catalog, contact Marketing Communications Manager, Kate Levine, American Technical Ceramics, (631) 622-4700, FAX: (631) 622-4748, e-mail: [email protected], or visit the company's web site.

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