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Cable Assemblies Achieve 1.15:1 VSWR Through 6 GHz

Among the latest LMR cable assemblies from EAM, a 0.600-in.-diameter, type N assembly offers a measured voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) below 1.15:1 for a frequency range through 6 GHz. The new LMR cable assemblies promise to provide high power-handling capability through 6 GHz. They are available with outside diameters ranging from 0.100 to 0.600 in. The assemblies exhibit low insertion loss with typical performance of 11 dB per 100 ft. at 6 GHz for a cable assembly with a 0.405-in. outer diameter. The 50- assemblies provide performance comparable to corrugated copper cables while offering the flexibility needed to simplify installation.

The LMR cable assemblies come in a variety of constructions including polyethylene foam dielectric in a closed-cell design, interlayer aluminum composite tape bonded to the dielectric for high shielding (better than 90 dB), tinned copper outer braid, and a wide range of outer jacket types. Triple-shielded versions also are available. The cables can have a range of terminations including type N, TNC, UHF, and 7/16 coaxial connectors.

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