20-W Chip Attenuator Quells Levels To 30 dB

A 2010-chip-sized attenuator designated the VGX-2010WA features wraparound terminals for solder or epoxy attachment. These 50-Ω attenuators are constructed using thick film on aluminum nitride. Attenuation values to 30 dB are available including 0.5-dB increments. Depending on the application, the VGX-2010WA can achieve VSWR of 1.3:1 to 12 GHz. Attenuation accuracy starts at 0.2 dB. The device boasts nominal thermal resistance of ~2.5C/W. It operates from -55 to +150C. According to the manufacturer, users are guaranteed a proper balance between a well-behaved frequency response and optimal thermal performance. Thus, the device will dissipate 20 W at a 100C baseplate temperature. These devices also vow to deliver acceptable thermal and electrical performance to 10 GHz. Samples and quotes are available now.

International Manufacturing Services, Inc., 50 Schoolhouse Ln., Portsmouth, RI, 02871; (401) 683-9700, FAX: (401) 683-5571, e-mail: [email protected], Internet: www.imsresistors.com.

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