1.25-kW Power Amplifiers Boost Satellite Signals

A pair of lightweight, high-power traveling-wave-tube amplifiers (TWTAs) serves applications in both domestic or international satelltie communications. Specifically, the model XTRD-1250KL is designed for uplink satcom operation within the 13.75-to-14.50-GHz Ku-band. Weighing 115lbs., the rack-mount power amplifier calims to be more than 25 percent lighter than competitve amplifies. The unit also saves space, as it occupies only six rack units with its 10.45-in. height. The model XTRD-1250CL, which operates in the 5.85-to-6.425-GHz uplink C-band, is available in the same lightweight package. Both amplifiers deliver 1.25 kW of peak power with linear-rated power of 450 W. Additional standard features include RF gain control, a pre-distortion linearizer, and cooling apparatus.

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