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10-MHz OCXO Increases Test-System Stability

TEST-EQUIPMENT PERFORMANCE is typically curtailed by phase noise. To improve the measurement capabilities of phase-noise test sets, signal generators, and spectrum analyzers, the 10-MHz OX-045 oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO) promises to lower close-in phase noise by 10 dB. The OCXO flaunts typical phase noise of 142 dBc/Hz with worstcase performance of 140 dBc/ Hz at an offset of 10 Hz. With an offset of 100 kHz, it boasts typical phase noise of 165 dBc/Hz with a maximum of 163 dBc/Hz. The oscillator runs on a supply voltage of 18 V. It offers temperature stability of 3 ppb from 0C to +70C. The oscillator has an aging rate of 10 ppb/year. It utilizes a low-noise, fifth overtone SC-cut crystal, which is then mated with a proprietary oscillator circuit to minimize any additional noise contributions. The OX-045 consumes 9.0 W during warm-up and 2.0 W during steadystate operation at +25C.

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