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ThinkRF is the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis platforms that monitor, detect and analyze complex waveforms in today’s rapidly evolving wireless landscape.


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ThinkRF is the leader in software-defined spectrum analysis platforms that monitor, detect and analyze complex waveforms in today’s rapidly evolving wireless landscape. By providing more flexibility, greater coverage, increased functionality and better ROI, ThinkRF solutions are ideal for regulatory and intelligence monitoring, telecom deployment optimization and RF application development. With open APIs and proven integrations, ThinkRF offers the only compact and networkable spectrum analyzer that can be deployed without a PC and the best price to performance on the market. Founded in 2006, ThinkRF is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with offices and partners globally.

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Test & Measurement

Extend Existing RF Analyzers to mmWave 5G Frequencies

Feb. 14, 2022
Defense agencies, mobile network operators, and others have already invested heavily in spectrum-analysis solutions for cellular and Wi-Fi networks. Learn one of the most cost...
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Test & Measurement

TELUS and thinkRF Partner to Develop National Spectrum Monitoring Network

Dec. 21, 2021
thinkRF’s Spectrum eXperience Management (SXM) system assists TELUS in delivering its world-leading network in Canada.
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thinkRF, TMYTEK Team on 5G and Advanced mmWave Applications

Aug. 11, 2021
The two companies will collaborate on products to further deployment of 5G/mmWave technologies.
Test & Measurement

Wi-Fi 6E is Reshaping RF Security Requirements

July 19, 2021
Even as it promises a less-congested Wi-Fi spectrum, the advent of Wi-Fi 6E poses new challenges to RF security professionals. Here’s a look at how an SDR-based approach to spectrum...
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Test & Measurement

Real-Time Public Safety and Intelligence Monitoring

May 18, 2021
Public-safety and intelligence agencies must monitor the spectrum environment, identify suspicious signals of interest, and mitigate interference sources in real-time.
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Test & Measurement

Cleared for Takeoff: Pinning Down RFI Around Airports

April 19, 2021
Large airports rely on wireless signals on a wide range of frequencies, managing thousands of takeoffs and landings each day. Any disruption caused by RF interference can end ...

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The Top Products of 2020: Part 1

Dec. 23, 2020
While 2020 may not make anyone's top-ten list of years, here's some of the year's Top Products, chosen by our audience.
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Test & Measurement

The Latest in Test and Measurement Products

July 18, 2020
To do their best work, designers need up-to-date tools on their test benches. Here is a sampling of some of the test and measurement products that have appeared this year.

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Test & Measurement

Detecting and Locating Cell Phones in Prisons

March 18, 2021
Learn about a tool that can be used to detect and locate cell phones and other contraband devices, helping to keep prison populations, staff, and the public safer. This is the...
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Test & Measurement

Cost-Effective RF Analysis in the 5G mmWave Bands

Oct. 20, 2020
Become acquainted with one of the most economical and cost-effective methods to extend the performance of existing RF equipment to 5G frequencies, preserving significant earlier...
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The International Microwave Symposium Goes Virtual (Part 3)

Aug. 11, 2020
The virtual International Microwave Symposium will remain available for visitors through the end of next month, although the active components of the event have gone by. Here ...
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Test & Measurement

40-GHz Downconverter/Tuner Puts mmWave 5G Testing Within Reach

July 15, 2020
ThinkRF's D4000 is a compact, powerful, and cost-effective RF downconverter/tuner for the next-generation RF environment.