New Website For IEEE's Microwave Measurement Committee

Growth in the IEEE's Microwave Measurement Committee (MTT-11), with over 15 new members this year, has spurred the test group to create a new web page at According to member Dr. Kate Remley, who is also with the RF Electronics Group of the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST, Boulder, CO), "this MTT-11 site has the potential to be very useful to the bench-level engineer. The site features interactive forums moderated by experts in each of several measurement areas, allowing engineers to pose questions and engage in dialogue on real-life problems." The group's membership includes many leaders in test and measurement technology, including John Barr of Agilent Technologies, Eric Strid of Cascade Microtech, Dylan Williams of NIST, Nick Ridler of the UK's National Physical Laboratory (NPL), and Larry Dunleavy of the University of South Florida. MTT ==>

The site's measurement forum topics cover many areas of microwave measurements, including on-wafer multiport measurements, signal integrity, noise measurements, nonlinear measurements, coaxial vector network analyzer (VNA) measurements, and microwave photonic measurements. In addition to its mission statement, the site's home page includes news items, information about upcoming conferences, and links to other sites (such as NIST and NPL).

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