Field Probes Reach 60 GHz

A pair of laser-powered field probes from AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation provide excellent accuracy and linearity for monitoring applications to 60 GHz. Model FL7040 operates from 2 MHz to 40 GHz while model FL7060 spans 2 MHz to 60 GHz. Both have integrated microprocessors to support advanced control and communication functions while automatically correcting for measurement drift caused by temperature changes. The higher-frequency unit, for example, measures electric fields to 2 V/m over a 54-dB dynamic range and provides an isotropic response of 1.5 dB to 60 GHz. Because they are laser-powered, the probes don't require replacement or recharging of batteries. The probes communicate through fiber-optic cables to an F17000 interface at distances to 100 m.

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