GaN Amplifiers Reach 1.85 GHz

GaN Amplifiers Reach 1.85 GHz

Models RFHA1042 and RFHA1043 are packaged GaN power amplifiers for applications through 1.85 GHz.

Two new flange-ceramic-packaged GaN power amplifiers from RFMD are suitable for commercial wireless and military communications applications. Devices in the firm’s RFHA104x series include the models RFHA1042 and RFHA1043. The RFHA1042 is optimized for use from 225 to 450 MHz. Its +48-VDC modulated performance includes +45.2 dBm output power with 18.5-dB gain and 42% drain efficiency. Its +48-VDC CW performance includes +51.4-dBm output power, 16-dB gain, and 60% drain efficiency. It provides these performance levels for an operating temperature range of -40 to +85{DEG}C. The model RFHA1043 GaN power amplifier operates from 1.20 to 1.85 GHz. Its +48-VDC modulated performance features +45.2-dBm output power, 15.5-dB gain, and 30% drain efficiency, with adjacent-channel-power (ACP) level of -30 dBc. Its +48-VDC CW performance includes +52-dBm output power, 13.5-dB gain, and 51% drain efficiency. The devices are based on a advanced 65-V GaN high-electron-mobility-transistor (HEMT) semiconductor process and are supplied in an air cavity ceramic package, providing excellent thermal stability.

RFMD, 7628 Thorndike Rd., Greensboro, NC 27409-9421; (336) 664.1233,

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